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Let's Work Together

Life can be really hard sometimes. We find ourselves trapped by painful emotions, disappointing relationships and destructive habits that hang around despite our best efforts. And then, on top of that, Carl Jung believed that the most perplexing problems we face cannot be solved, they are, at their core, frustratingly unfixable. They can, though, be outgrown. Practicing the Six Steps of Inner Bonding® grows us out of the fog and pain that surrounds us and opens the door to a haven of love and peace. The keys to flourishing are learning to love ourselves and taking loving actions from the wisdom of our feelings and a connection with Divine Guidance. Opening to, trusting and following our inner knowing drenches our efforts in grace and power that are truly transformational.

Sadly, I spent decades valiantly trying to change and fix myself, others and my life. I went back to school to become a Certified Family Life Educator, believing and hoping that I must have somehow missed the golden nugget of knowledge and skill that would finally make things better. As in gardening, the truth is that there can be no growth and no fruit unless the seeds of change are planted in welcoming, nurturing, fertile soil. Self-love waters a parched soul. With consistent practice of the steps of Inner Bonding®, I learned to love myself passionately, steadily and dependably and then, almost magically, the vexing problems of my life transformed as I viewed them from a different vantage point.

I would be honored to hold a trellis for you as you embark on your own deeply personal journey to self- love and self- actualization. I will be by your side, encouraging you and supporting you without judgment and with love and appreciation for the deep impulse within each of us to grow and become our best selves. Let’s begin. It’s going to be amazing.

I can be reached at 925-596-0035 or at


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