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Hi, I’m Shauna and I am living the happy, peaceful life I have always dreamed of. That wasn’t always true.

One night I found myself in a very different dream: I am lying on a bed in a basement bedroom with a window near the ceiling that opens to a busy street. A man calls down to me through the open window, “Get out! They are going to fill this room with cement!” Despite the clear warning, I do nothing. Then I see the rear of a cement truck back up against the window and cement is pouring in. I can’t speak. I can’t move. There is no way out. 

The next day, I happened upon this quote:

“Our thoughts can hold us as firmly as concrete.”


The striking synchronicity and the powerful imagery of my dream grabbed my attention and this time, I heeded the warning. For very good reasons that made perfect sense, I had built and locked myself in a prison of my own beliefs and I was the only guard. Although I was free to leave at any time, I couldn’t see the way out until I discovered Inner Bonding®.


Practicing the Six Steps of the Inner Bonding® process with one hand of my Loving Adult holding the hand of my Inner Child and the other in the hand of Guidance, I uncovered the keys to unlock the heavy doors. Liberated, I stepped into the bright, beautiful, rich life awaiting me. 


“Your thought system creates a prison more confining than any dungeon. The prison walls you create in your mind are formed from illusionary thoughts, but they can be as binding as concrete.”


Understanding- Eliminating Stress and Finding Serenity in Life and Relationships (1986)

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